About Me

Hello, I am Cecily Johnson, long-time Austinite (since 1988) and photographer. My first interest in photography was in chronicling my family. I have thousands of black and white negatives and prints from the 1990s, almost all of my immediate family and friends.

As I moved forward into college and beyond, I continued in a photojournalistic path and had photos published in the Austin American-Statesman, the Austin Chronicle, the Wall Street Journal, and various community publications. I am a singer, and I married a singer, and that got me started working with non-profit arts organizations and artists to help them promote their works. Some of my favorite adventures in photography have been with the Austin City Limits Festival, the Austin Children’s Shelter, the Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Austin, the Barack Obama campaign (during the Texas Primaries in 2008), The Texas Early Music Project, and Lifeworks.

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